Health and Safety Protocols and Best Pratices.

We are all so very excited to re-open our doors to welcome our customers back into our beautiful Pub.  With this welcome, we have also implemented new protocols to ensure we can continue to operate safely and successfully. This will be in cooperation with you our guests. Please support us in our best practices and adhere to the following:

  • Please practice social distancing. 2 meters at all times between you and any other guest. (not including those in your own party)
  • We cannot allow more that 6 people in any group at any time.  We are not permitted to move tables and chairs at any time, so please understand this and respect this requirement
  • We cannot allow more than 117 guests in our Pub at any time.  Please be patient as we navigate any waits at our door
  • If there is a wait for a table, we ask that you wait outside while social distancing from other groups or in your vehicle and we will call you when your table is ready.
  • Please leave the full name and phone number of one person in your party.  This person will be contacted should there be a need for contact tracing due to a community outbreak should that happen. 
  • We have implemented a strict sanitation policy of all high touch areas and all tables and chairs.  Please be patient with us as this will require more time between seating.
  • We have provided training, tools and PPE to all of our employees to ensure they feel comfortable in their work environment and you feel comfortable dining with us.
  • We have implemented a strict no-illness policy for our employees coming to work and we have the same policy for our guests.  This ensures that we are providing a safe environment for our employees and for you, our guest.  Please stay home if you feel unwell.  We will be here when you feel better!

Lastly, we thank you, our amazing guests that continue to and support us!
We couldn’t do it without you!